About Us

My Beauty Tote (MBT) is the best way to discover what is fresh and what is new in the beauty industry. You can shop comfortably knowing that you will not be overcharged, cheated or
having to worry about returns and exchanges. My Beauty Tote will not overcharge for items that seem to be in demand. My Beauty Tote can guarantee the authenticity of all of its
products and merchandise. We believe My Beauty Tote can provide customers with more incentive to shop on the web; we hope you feel the same way!

My Beauty Tote will grow to be the biggest and largest online retailer and distributor of beauty and hair related products. My Beauty Tote will ship to all 50 U.S. states. Not only
that we will provide free shipping on any purchase over $150.00. We will not make any weight exclusions or any excuses as to why we cannot send your items.

At My Beauty Tote you will have access to popular, quality beauty and hair care products to help you look and feel beautiful. My Beauty Tote can offer you a wide variety of products

for all type of men and women. Our relationship with some of the top distributors and manufacturers in the hair and beauty industry allows us to have access to the highest quality products. Every day at My Beauty Tote we are adding more and more new products to our website and we hope to never stop adding. If there is anything you are looking for that is hard to find please do not hesitate to ask. We just might be able to get it for you.

There’s an ever-changing need to make hair look its best. With so many products and chemicals you can add to your hair, it’s hard to take care of your natural and artificial hair.

We are here to offer the best in products that will make your hair be the main attraction. Hair can easily be damaged with the wrong product. Here at My Beauty Tote we want to offer you the right choice. No more shopping from different places to get healthy looking hair.

Founded in Houston, TX, My Beauty Tote has the backing of a group of professionals in the beauty and hair care industry that are here to help you every step of the way. From hair enthusiasts to those who need an extra bit of volume in their curls, we have the product for everyone. In summary, you can just think of us as Your personal Beauty Tote!